A group of enthusiastic, drum playing badasses, created from the passion to discover all aspects of drumming!

The foundation for Copenhagen Drummers was built during our time as constables in the Royal Lifeguard’s Drum Corp. A world full of traditions and history. With a very routine weekly schedule and guidelines for how to play the drums in the guard, we had a need to express all the crazy ideas and thoughts about how drumming could also be performed. It was with those thoughts that Copenhagen Drummers was formed, an environment where the ideas and unique thoughts of how drumming could be made more fun and entertaining was encouraged.

In 2010, the Copenhagen Drummers had the spotlight for the first time, when they made their name in Denmark by winning Talent 2010 through the display of their unique approach to drumming!

In 2013 we shared the stage with Emmelie De Forest in the National Danish Song Contest and were right there with Emmelie De Forest as we took the world by storm when we won Eurovision 2013 and put Denmark on the world map with a fantastic performance!

We have performed more than 1,000 shows both nationally and internationally (France, Germany, India, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, Albania, Switzerland, Netherlands, Egypt, Saudi Arabia etc.). We have opened conferences and parties for some of the country’s biggest companies such as Mærsk, Grundfos, Novo Nordisk, Dong Energi, Lego, and many more.

Precision and discipline play crucial roles in the show and with passion and curiousness we give the audience a performance that combines traditional drum styles with unconventional tools, and the show is spiced up with a certain energy and enthusiasm that other shows cannot compete with! With unique show features within the sound, lighting, and visual effects we give the audience a once in a lifetime experience!

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